Mythology & History
One may ask what is Maha Kali worshipping, or how did the worshipping of this great devi became popular throughout the world, especially in the West Indies, Guyana, England, The United States, and now Canada.

Well as we all know Christopher Columbus discovered the West Indies in 1492. Indentured labourers from India were brought to the West Indies to work on sugar cane fields and various other jobs. When these people left their homeland in search of a better life, they brought many things along with them such as their rich heritage, traditions, cultures and their religion from India to a country in South America called Guyana.

Many moons ago there came a time when the people noticed that their children were becoming ill and sick, and doctors could not figure out what was wrong with the children. Many of the families of the sick children could not afford to visit a doctor, so they went to seek the help of their gurus and priests that came from India.

The priests went on to invoking the Goddess Ganga Ammaa, by using ancient and sacred invocation prayers. Once they successfully invoked the divine Mother Ganga, she advised them to bathe the children with water from a river mixed with neem leaves, turmeric powder and oleander flowers. As the priests began to bathe the children and prayed at the riverside, the children's illnesses and sicknesses were mysteriously cured.

After that was done Mother Ganga reappeared and told the priests that they must look for a flat piece of land with many cattle grazing on it, and when they find that land they must construct a temple for the Divine Mother Kali.

The first temple was built in Albion Guyana. As the time changed, so too did the people, from the first temple that was built, many more were built for this type of worshipping. From then on Kali Mai worshipping has been adapted into the West Indies. As people moved from place to place, and to all places around the world, including Canada, people continued to worship Mother Kali. One of the Kali Mai temples which is a distinguished place of worship for Kali Mai devotees in Canada, is the SHRI MAHA KALI AMMAA MANDIR HINDU ASSOCIATION, which is located at 595 Albion Road, Rexdale Ontario.

The purpose of composing this website is to give a little insight and knowledge about the various Gods and Goddesses that we worship in the temple. We will list in the order that we pray, the names of the deities that we worship, along with a little information pertaining to each God.