Worship of the great goddess Kali, is a part of the rich, cultural heritage, the indentured labourers of india brought with them as they left their homes and native land to a promised life of better living in countries such as british guiana and trinidad and tobago.

As these individuals progressed in their lives and migrated into various parts of the world such as England, The United States and Canada, They lovingly brought with them their continued devotion and faith in mother Kali.

One such individual is pujarie Basdeo mangal who continued his devotion to mother Kali by establishing a home for her in New York. Pujarie mangal also shared his knowledge through the specialized teachings of his students who were then ordained to become pujaries and to continue the worship and teachings of mother kali in diffrent countries.

The Shri Maha Kali Mandir Hindu Association is the first of its kind in Canada. Founded in 2002 by pujarie Dudnaught singh. A committed and dedicated student of pujarie Mangal, This cherished home of mother Kali is an Ontario recognized non-profit and Federally recognized charitable organization.

The Shri Maha Kali Mandir Hindu Association was established to serve as a house of worship to develop a closer understanding of God and the hindu culture and religion through the deepening of the spiritual life among its members and devotees.